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Cervical Check Tribunal – No Cases Filed Yet!

The Cervical Check Tribunal was established in October 2020 to hear and determine certain claims arising from the national cervical screening programme. It was set up to provide an alternative to the Court process, for those victims and their families, who were failed by the screening programme.

The CervialCheck Tribunal Act 2019 details the persons who are entitled to bring a claim before the Tribunal, and the procedures and processes to be followed by them.

The Chairperson and Members of the Tribunal were appointed at the beginning of December 2020, but to date no claim has been submitted to the Tribunal for processing and determination.

Of course, it is early days, and we cannot overlook the substantial forensic and detailed work involved in properly preparing a case to present to the Tribunal together with the uncertainty for claimants and their legal advisors as to how these claims will be assessed.

Despite such apprehension, it is hoped and expected that claimants will take this less adversarial route in their quest for justice for the wrongs that they have suffered.