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Family Law

Family Law Services

The ending of a personal relationship is a life-changing event, affecting you, your partner, your children, and impacting on your financial future. Sometimes it can be hard to approach these situations without emotion or objectivity.

We understand this and we’re here to help and guide you through this very difficult and stressful time. We have extensive knowledge and experience representing clients in Legal Separations, Divorce, Cohabitation and Civil Partnership proceedings and Surrogacy cases.  We also advise and represent Guardian ad Litems in Childcare cases.

You may be concerned about:-

  • Children - Custody and Access
  • Maintenance - for/by you and/or children; regular payments and lump sums
  • Property/other assets - how these should be divided, particularly, the family home
  • Liabilities - how should these be divided
  • Pensions - how these should be handled, to secure your financial future
  • Inheritance Rights - who will inherit your property when you die

Divorce or Legal Separation?  Where your marriage has broken down, you can deal with this by way of Legal Separation (by negotiated agreement outside the Courts, or, through the Courts), or, Divorce (only through the Courts).  Legal Separation and Divorce generally deal with the same issues (as listed above), however, a Divorce is required if you wish to remarry in the future.  There are also different timelines involved, depending on which you choose.

There are 3 main ways to achieve this:

  1. If a married couple or civil partners can agree the terms on which they will live separately, they may enter into a Separation Agreement (Deed of Separation).
  2. When a couple cannot agree the terms by which they will live separately, either party can apply to the courts (Circuit or High) for a Decree of Judicial Separation.
  3. If someone would like a more final decision, that would also permit them to remarry again in the future (or enter a civil partnership), they may prefer to apply to the court (Circuit or High) for a Decree of Divorce.

When you feel ready to tackle the legal aspect of things, you will need good, legal advice about what is involved, what your options are, and how best to approach matters, so you can start to bring some legal closure to your relationship breakdown.

We are here to listen to your story, to understand your current situation and your concerns for the future, and we will provide you with clear advice on the options and solutions open to you, and how to go about achieving your goals.

We will provide you with sound, reliable advice and strong representation every step of the way. We will also support you and guide you in dealing with other relevant professionals as may be necessary in your case, such as Barristers, Mediators, Child Psychologists, Counsellors, Property Valuers, Tax Advisors and Pension Trustees.

Contact us here today, to see how we can help you.

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